Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting a Routine

So life is still busy busy, but it's becoming every other day which is much more manageable.

I've stepped down from being I's Assistant Den Leader. I'm still super involved but without taking more time away from family/church time.

I'm Volunteering at I's school store and reading to the class and the Library; but it's spaced out enough with other parents, that it's not that bad at all.

Today 'I' had his Boosterthon at his school, to raise money for the school. They've been hyping the kids up all week and they were super excited. We donated per lap and the kids were expected to do 25-35 laps. The parents were invited to come cheer which was a lot of fun. Sorry that I don't have any pics or anything :( my phone isn't entirely fixed yet...But it was great. They gave the kids enough time that I  think everyone got 35 laps. 'I' did really well. He did all his laps with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately he got knocked over twice and each time he scraped a knee. The second time he got really upset, but luckily it was after he was done running.

S is out of town for Drill this weekend, I won't see him till Sunday :( It will be nice to have a bunch of one-on-one time with 'I', but I'm really going to miss him...and I always having trouble sleeping without him :( We have a Scout activity this Saturday and it would be nice to go as a family.... But oh well, it's not the end of the world and I am super proud of my hubby!

My life is so blessed! Thank you for sharing in it with me and being a part of those blessing.

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  1. One good thing about 'drill' is that you have the chance to welcome him back home again after not that long.; )