Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy busy...

So 'I' is officially a Tiger Scout!
 And by the way, sewing all those patches, not as much fun as you would think lol. And so many more to come.....
 'I' and I are getting involved in so much stuff, I am so busy. We having Signing Club Tuesday mornings and Scouts on Thursday nights where I'm the assistant Den Leader, just got my visiting teaching assignment, subbing a couple primary classes, plus all the normal school age child mom stuff!
I's bathroom has a leaky faucet that apparently is going to take three days to fix, they have to go into the wall :( So, I'll just be hanging around the house for the next couple of days until they finish....
So to change the subject to something that was actually pleasing. 'I' was having a rough time the other day with listening and having a bad attitude so we decided to take a little brake from stress and do something fun....
So we painted some little plaster figurines :) I made a bobble head Teddy Bear for Dad and 'I' made a Race Car. 'I' had a lot of fun, he was so excited. He loves painting :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calling the Tooth Fairy....

'I' finally lost his first tooth!

Handsome new smile :)

 Look how little!

Can't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy leaves!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Everything new!

So As Soon as we got home from our trip to VA we had business to do!

We immediately had to get the keys to our new apartment before the office closed and decided to start moving in.... We don't love the apt, but it is where we will be living for the next year and I will make it a home :)

'I' started first grade this past week! So, since we had to wait until we were actually in the zone to register, these last couple of weeks have been full with Orientation, Open House and trying to get 'I' used to going to bed on time. All while moving stuff into the new apt and trying maintain some normalcy ....

So this is 'I' all ready on his first day of school :) I am so proud of him! 

So, he's been in school for one week now and he's doing great. I love being able to be so involved with him and his school this year :)

So today we practiced riding our bike without Training Wheels! After spending a good hour letting 'I' try it on his own, I decided to give him a little push. Voila! He can ride a bike! He can't push off yet and he gets scared when he starts to turn, but he's able to move :)

And tonight we have our first Tiger Scout cookout! If we like what we see, 'I' will be joining! He is so excited! This is the start me being a 'Soccer' Mom lol


So much has happened in the last couple of weeks! So much so, that I've haven't had a chance to share!

At the end of July, we had a mini family reunion in Virginia at my father in-law's house (Grandpa Chiu). It was a great visit. I love my family and this visit gave me the chance to get to know them a little better :)

This was our (me and I's) first time driving through multiple states and I have to say, he did absolutely great!. He did have the PSP to entertain him, but besides that, no extra RR stops, plenty of sleeping and he was content with the food we packed. I have to admit I was excited seeing the state signs on the way there. I totally would have got pictures if we weren't on the interstate and if I wasn't the one driving lol.

So of course, here is my favorite sister E and baby P. I loved getting to see them again and I can not wait to visit them in FL.

 Here is H. She is so adorable. She has no idea who I am so hasn't quite warmed up to me lol, but she did talk to me briefly towards the end of the visit. She is definitely a mommy's girl <3
This cutie is little R and I got to hold him for quite a bit :) at least until he got hungry lol. I can't hide my love for chubby little babies lol.

And I'm sorry that I didn't get pics of all of the kids. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with all of them :) M, M, G, H, R, R, and baby S. As well as the rest of the grown ups P, M, L, N, T, M, T :)

We also visited Washington DC on the trip since 'I' and I hadn't been there before. It was very impressive. I really look forward to going again and spending the time to see and read everything.
Washington Monument :)

Lincoln Monument :)
So this was a great trip!Can't wait for the next reunion!