Saturday, August 13, 2011

Everything new!

So As Soon as we got home from our trip to VA we had business to do!

We immediately had to get the keys to our new apartment before the office closed and decided to start moving in.... We don't love the apt, but it is where we will be living for the next year and I will make it a home :)

'I' started first grade this past week! So, since we had to wait until we were actually in the zone to register, these last couple of weeks have been full with Orientation, Open House and trying to get 'I' used to going to bed on time. All while moving stuff into the new apt and trying maintain some normalcy ....

So this is 'I' all ready on his first day of school :) I am so proud of him! 

So, he's been in school for one week now and he's doing great. I love being able to be so involved with him and his school this year :)

So today we practiced riding our bike without Training Wheels! After spending a good hour letting 'I' try it on his own, I decided to give him a little push. Voila! He can ride a bike! He can't push off yet and he gets scared when he starts to turn, but he's able to move :)

And tonight we have our first Tiger Scout cookout! If we like what we see, 'I' will be joining! He is so excited! This is the start me being a 'Soccer' Mom lol

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