Thursday, June 5, 2014


So we said 'Goodbye' to S yesterday....
We got up at 4:00 in the morning to take S to the Drill Hall. It was a bit of waiting around for a while. We were told that there would be news reporters there and S really wanted to get a shot of him holding R. So we dressed accordingly (no pjs lol). Unfortunately R didn't let daddy hold him, but both the reporters did ask to talk to us. I think it's partially because we were the only family with such a young son and partially because R really is the cutest little boy anyone has ever seen :) 

Here is the link to the interview :)  ...not my best angle (I really need to get braces! maybe when we're done paying for I's braces and Karate)

This was at 5 in the morning...

I love him SO much. I already miss him...

He finally let Daddy hold him a bit <3

 All the guys lining up for formation. About to get on the bus...

So I was pretty good for most of the morning. I teared up a few times, but resisted crying until it was really time to say goodbye. I don't think anyone had a dry eye at that point. I've know this was coming for a while and I convince myself of how it's going to be and that it won't be that bad, but when the time comes it's always different.

I don't want 'I' to see me crying a lot, so that helped yesterday morning and on the drive home. It's good that I have the boys to keep me busy so I don't get lonely. When we got home R and I took a nap, then we had lunch and ran to the store where I stocked up on junk food to drown my sorrows (goodbye getting in shape!) and then we all took a long walk around the lake where we saw a deer, a baby turtle (that we helped back into the pond) and a beaver.

Later a good friend offered to bring us dinner and another surprised us with brownies.

So all in all, the first day wasn't so bad.

I know that there will be bad days. Days that I'm lonely, days that the kids are driving me crazy, days that really could have used his help and good days that we wish he could be enjoying with us.... An the best days will be when we get to see Daddy on Skype or talk on the phone.

I am proud of my husband and the wonderful work that he's doing. And in one short year he will come home to us, safe and sound.

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