Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hopefully the first of many

My wonderful sister-in-law does a blog that I love; so not wanting to steal from her, but wanting to do it; here I am.

Well, once a week will probably be all you can handle of me (lol) so, that's how often I will attempt to do this :) Today is Wednesday, but in the future I'll aim for Saturday or Monday to give a better overview of our wonderful week :)

So far:
   We've been in Atlanta for a month now and besides being lost outside of my couple of miles comfort zone, things are great. We are moving into our new apartment on the 1st. The new place is bigger and close to I's school and a variety of shopping (including a great fresh produce stand, yay);hopefully the aspects that we aren't in love with will prove to be better then expected :)
   'I' and I now have our new doctors set up. 'I' had to get two shots today and a dentist appointment, but of course it was all great. I've never seen a kid take shots so well! And to argue with S's argument that I is using baby talk, turns out he has a reason for having a high voice; which also proves that his old dentist never looked very closely....Continuing with teeth, I has two loose teeth! He should be losing one right before school!
   And as for me, nothing new to report until we get pregnant.....fingers crossed! And does anyone have an opinion on Gummy Pre-natal vitamins? Still as effective?
    So.....I guess that's it so far, I promise that they'll get better and that exciting stuff will happen every once in a while.
    Always with love....

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  1. I like nature's way capsules, but I recently realized I was supposed to be taking 2/day and not 1. Ooops. I'd totally try the gummies, though.