Sunday, February 24, 2013

Road trip to our new home!

We made it! 
It's a bit chilly but not as bad as we expected :)

We left Georgia on Friday and drove to St. Louise as our half way stopping point. We made sure to say a prayer for a safe trip before we left. We're getting better about remembering this before we leave rather than once we're on the road.

I love when we stumble across something fun when we get off a random exit. When we stopped for dinner, we happen to be in Metropolis, IL.


Then we finally got to St. Louise. We were able to get a great hotel right next to the Arch. Super exciting! This was our view!

The Arch is huge! Can you see us? lol

We had a plan to stop every two hours to feed R, change diapers and to make the trip a little more relaxed. It was a great trip. Traffic was practically nonexistent and the roads were well plowed the whole way. It was  better than we could have hoped for.

So that's it. Now we're in our hotel room relaxing. S starts work tomorrow, we tour some apartments on Tuesday and Wednesday we enroll I in school. And in the meantime, we'll be searching for good deals on winter essentials and getting to know our new home.

Wish us luck :)

I miss my friends :(

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